Cappadocia II

(pre) concept - break your journey

If you missed the first post about Cappadocia go here.

I hate mornings. My days are better when starting after 10. That is waking up time. However there are a few things, very, very few, that will get me out of bed before that time on my free will. One of them is balloons. Hot air balloons in Cappadocia at least.

Despite not being able to afford a hot air balloon ride (starting at 130 euros) I was set on seeing them take off. Even if that meant to wake up at 5.30 am and climb a hill for half an hour.

After a lot of doubting my decision, for about that half an hour of climbing, we got up there and there they were. I felt like a small child. The balloons were amazing, beautiful! The whole scenery was more that I could have asked for. I took more…

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