Al-Qaeda trying to mend fences with ISIL

Ottawa Citizen

Al-Qaeda is using U.S.-led coalition airstrikes in Syria as a reason to extend olive branches to the renegade Islamic State group, saying the two should stop feuding and join forces to attack Western targets, the Associated Press reports. A reunification, say intelligence analysts, would allow al-Qaeda to capitalize on the younger group’s ruthless advance across the region.

More from the Associated Press article (style note, AP uses the spelling of AQ as al-Qaida, while the Citizen tends to use al-Qaeda):

Analysts are closely watching al-Qaida’s repeated overtures, and while a full reconciliation is not expected soon – if ever – there is evidence the two groups have curtailed their infighting and are cooperating on the Syrian battlefield, according to activists on the ground, U.S. officials and experts who monitor jihadi messages.

Al-Qaida is saying, “Let’s just have a truce in Syria,” said Tom Joscelyn, who tracks terror groups for the…

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