Intercultural marriage between Saudis and Americans

Israel, America, and the Middle East

By looking at which nationalities are most represented in a college that already attracts international students, Ohio University, one can almost  pin-point which country’s economy is flourishing at the moment just from a walk around campus. In my experience in-and-out of the foreign language building where English intensive classes are held, I can tell you with confidence that Saudi Arabia is one of the countries that are most highly represented in the international student population. This resonates with recent strategic geopolitical steps taken by the country to send their youth to remote institutes of higher education.

Learning English is a smart move for competing in the global economy, and therefore countries craft desirable citizens by sending them abroad. A few weeks ago, I glossed over some major themes in Saudi Arabian higher education, including the massive influx of students to the United States in recent years. King Abdullah…

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