No Time for Outdoors

One Year in the Yukon

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When you live in the Yukon, this “bigger than life” place, you’re expected to spend most of your free time enjoying the outdoors. Especially in the nice weather that we have these days, you should find something that suits you on the never-ending list of outdoor sports, clubs, and activities. Right? Shouldn’t you be outside right now? It’s not dark yet, maybe you should be filling up with natural light in prevision for those days when the sun will rise at 10 AM and set at 3 PM. I’m just suggesting it. But really, you should consider joining this club, or that one, and you should meet my friend, who’s part of ten different clubs she created herself.

Okay, I’m all for encouraging people to be active, but it’s kind of sad when I feel that people judge me for having spent most of my weekend…

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