Umrah visa refused what will you do?

Hajj and Umrah

Umrah visa Umrah visa are Issued to Muslims People who want to perfrom Umrah in the Holy Place of Makkah and Medinah in Saudi Arabia. The Umrah visas are only provided through autorized travel agencies or travel agent of Ministry of Saudi Arabia. You cann’t apply yourself directly for Umrah visas. These travel agencies must have signed contract with Saudi companies or establishment to provide Umrah packages and Umrah visa services. Umrah visa are not valid for work or residency. Umrah visas are valid for 15 days and not valid for work or residence.

 Umrah visas can be reject if you don’t follow the proper required way to apply for the visa.

 There are some perquisites for obtaining Umrah visa. An applicant for Umrah visa must be Muslim and if there any confusion because of his or her name that sounds like non Muslim name, a certificate from local mosque must…

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