Avacado, Pineapple & Coffee Grounds, Oh My!

The Lemonade Chronicles


Hurricane Wailea has expanded the scope of her diet once again.  In the past, I’ve chronicled her adventures devouring playing cards, US currency, leather boots, leather gloves, and the like.  But last week, our black Lab-ish pup outdid herself.

We brought her up to Lake Tahoe for her first encounter with the snow.  She jumped out of the hatchback into the white stuff with aplomb.  Dancing around as if she were playing in the sand by Crissy Field.  Several photos and videos were captured, Snapfished, and Instagrammed for posterity.  All was right in the world.

And then the bottom dropped out.  Not immediately, but definitely literally and figuratively — the bottom dropped out.  Of the trash bag.  In the garage downstairs.  While we were all, for the most part, gone for the day at Kirkwood cajoling and coddling our kids.  We entrusted the care of our dog to a normally…

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